All our swimwear fabrics are extremely soft which provides smooth skin contact and great comfort during use. All our fabrics also have 50+ UV protection against ultraviolet radiation and are free of toxic chemicals to human skin according to international standard OekoTex 100 Class I. While producing the fabrics, they make sustainable use of industrial water in the process of dyeing and printing, while allowing the use of reusable water and avoiding the consumption of drinking water. As we continue to grow our brand, we always want to offer our customers unique and original suits. We have started working with our manufacturer on custom colours that are dyed on a similar fabric that you all LOVE but that unfortunately isn't biodegradable. With that being said, we always want to look for sustainable options and invite you to read on this 'new' fabric we will be using for some of our upcoming collections. 

Our suits are made with a knitted fabric produced with elastane and microfiber biodegradable nylon. This allows our fabric to quickly decompose after disposal in landfills. Our fabric who once took decades, now takes less than three years to fully decomposed.

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(Amni Eco Soul)

This fabric is made of knitted polyester fabric with elastane, which has a great stretch, offered in white and prepared for customized printing for custom colours or heat transfer for prints. They make sustainable use of industrial water with the technical support and partnership of SABESP.


 These cute carry-ons are the perfect size to carry your Kai suits and ensure that they are protected in your bag or luggage. Made of 100% cotton and embroidered with a hand-drawn design by our owner. We hope you'll love this new swim pouch.



All your orders are packed in a compostable poly mailer made of corn. We have added a smaller poly mailer size to accommodate smaller orders. These poly mailers disappear in just a couple months in the compost.


We have also added COMPOSTABLE shipping labels which means you no longer have to cut the shipping label when throwing your package in the compost! We are so excited about this new product ♻


We have transitioned to a recycled kraft tissue paper which will have our logo added to with a self-inking stamp.


We now have stickers to spice up our poly mailers which are 100% biodegradable from a small etsy shop owner in the UK. Our shipping packaging is now officially 100% compostable.